Hello!, I’m Emily, 26 years old, fashion fixated and a beauty enthusiast with a major addiction to Instagram and Pinterest.

I’m completely obsessive, and when I become fixated or passionate about something I live and breathe it. I binge on blogs, so I thought it was about time to start my own.

I aim to create a blog that can relate to everyday regular girls and women. Something helpful that people will find useful but also inspiring. I love getting ready; applying my skincare, my make-up and getting dressed. I believe wearing something that makes you feel good makes a massive difference to your day. For me, it puts a spring in my step and makes and average day a little more fun.

Showing you affordable fashion and effortless style are my goals. So in this blog I want to share with you my tips, tricks and show how easy and fun it is to get dressed everyday no matter  your budget, style or shape. You should enjoy what you wear everyday, you deserve to.

So welcome to stylemewithlove. I hope you enjoy reading.

Lots of love



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