One piece 10 ways: How I style culottes

Hi there fashionistas! How are we this week? Hope all is well and that you have all been taking lots of selfies!

I’ve had a busy week shooting some looks for this blog which I’m really excited about!

The first feature I would like to share with you lovely people is how to style culottes, in 10 different ways. I’ve recently become a fan of culotte trousers for many reasons. Firstly they are incredibly comfortable, I’m often not in the mood to wear tight skinny jeans or restrictive tight skirts, so culottes were the perfect addition to my wardrobe this season. Not only are they lightweight and comfortable, they also look very stylish and chic. They can add a new element to your work wardrobe as they are smart enough to wear with shirts and heels, but can also be worn with trainers for casual weekend wear.

When I invest in new pieces I like to think that there are many different looks I can go for. I love my clothes and like to get as much wear out of them as possible. This is something that everybody can do with their wardrobe when you already own some great classic core pieces.

Of course though we have to remember that fashion is fun and not everything you wear should be considered a classic staple, otherwise I think we would all be rather bored with our wardrobes. So every now and then buying those amazing vibrant pieces to spice up your staples is great. It’s all about creating a good balance between the two, when you achieve that you will be able to recreate those unique pieces over and over again.


Culottes £20 from Zara

So with three pairs of shoes, two bags, one necklace and just a selection of tops and jackets, you can see how many different looks you can achieve from one great item of clothing. I’ve mixed up the styling with pieces from Primark ,then pieces from Reiss. The work wear look I’m wearing in the bottom right image was the cheapest look I wore, but I think it looks like one of the most chic and expensive. Just the way you wear your clothes and put them together can make your look seem way more pricey than it actually was. In total the office look cost a total of £45, with the culottes being the most expensive purchase.

So it’s that easy! Getting dressed doesn’t have to be a chore and doesn’t have to be expensive, it should be affordable, fun and put a spring in your step. The confidence you get from wearing an outfit that makes you feel good is worth every penny and it certainly is fun.
Happy Shopping Fashionistas.

Thank you so much for reading. Comments and questions are welcome and would make me very happy.

Emily x x



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